How To Stop Panic Attacks

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By Calm Coach David Williams

We can all learn how to stop panic attacks in their tracks with the right tools.   

Panic attacks are the the most intense end of the anxiety spectrum.  That feeling like you can’t breathe, not being able to grasp your thoughts as they spiral.

Feeling like your heart is about to pound out of your chest and feeling like you are about to die. 

That feeling of intense anxiety can be so overwhelming and all consuming. It can feel like you are drowning and minutes can feel like hours.

What triggers panic attacks?

Panic attacks are triggered by different things for different people. Examples could be: Social situations, seeing a particular person, flying, particular environments or feeling out of control. The list goes on and on.

How to stop panic attacks 

The key to stopping panic attacks is a two pronged approach. You need both a preventative approach and an in the moment approach. Let me explain.

1. Prevention approach

Keeping your stress levels down as a whole is the best thing you can do. I know this is easier said than done, believe me I know. But hear me out!

People always want tools to use whist they are having a panic attack. However, truly living beyond anxiety requires work and consciously creating a habit of calm moments each day. For example, this can be done through mindfulness meditation.

This keeps your general stress levels down as a preventative measure. The calmer your system is in general, the less likely it is to tip over into a panic attack.

2. What to do whilst having a panic attack

Now, if you find yourself having a panic attack, the key is how big it gets, how long it goes for and how feel you manage it.

If you find yourself feeling a panic attack coming on, I invite you to consciously shift your attention and focus on the following two ways:

1. Place you feet flat on the floor, weight evenly distributed. When we feel panic it can be like we are floating away. Soften your knees and imagine anchoring yourself into the floor (do not do this whilst driving!). Imagine sending roots down into the ground, keeping you safe and secure.

2. Notice things around you – When we have a panic attack our entire attention goes inside, on feelings and thoughts. They interact with each other causing a spiral of panic! Sound familiar?

The key here is to play your own version of the game of Eye spy! Look around you and in your mind just start naming things you can see and things you can hear. This may sound oddly simple, but it grounds you in reality, taking your focus externally again.

Are you ready to put anxiety behind you? 

If you have had enough of anxiety and panic dominating your life and it is time take action, I have prepared an online beyond anxiety masterclass which is free to attend. 

I will be teaching you about mindfulness and also sharing with you some powerful techniques you can use straight away to change negative thoughts and create a sense of calm. 

Access to your beyond anxiety masterclass here

I can’t wait for you to learn what I have to share, this is what I love to do most and my mission is to show the world how to live beyond anxiety. 

See you in the training.

Your Calm Coach and Trainer
David Williams 


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