Beyond Anxiety Method

7 Simple Steps to a Life Beyond anxiety

Tired of battling overwhelming thoughts?

Constantly Worrying about every little thing?

Always thinking the worst case scenario?

Are You Tired and Fed-up of....

Help with anxiety

Playing scene's in your head about things which may go wrong?

Imagining the very worst outcomes for the majority of your thoughts?

The constant inner voice which won't go away?

Missing out of things because always worrying about what people think?

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Do you know WHY people stay anxious?...


Medication will help but not in the long run because you don't learn skills to manage your mind.


Counselling does not teach you how to use your mind and talking about anxiety will make you anxious.


You need to understand the science behind anxiety and what is really happening psychologically .

What You Will Learn With your Online Training

How to drop the fear about anxiety by understanding what it really is
Anxiety can be scary, especially when you don't know what is happening to you. When you learn the facts about anxiety, what actually works and what doesn't, you will see anxiety in a different light, drop the fear and start to combat it.
Powerful 10 minute technique to create calm in your life
Learn a powerful technique you can use in your life and just takes 10 minutes per day.
How to change negative thoughts instantly
With this instant technique you will learn how to change negative thoughts so they don't make you anxious. When you learn this technique, you will take back control and stop those thoughts in their tracks.
How to stay in the present moment
Anxiety makes us worry about the future. I will teach you how to easily apply mindfulness in your life so you can stay in the present moment wherever and whatever you are doing.

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What have you got to lose?

What makes the Beyond Anxiety Method different?

It is not just teaching you information it is so much more!

It's Not Just About Anxiety
It is not just about getting rid of anxiety it is about what you want your life to be like beyond anxiety. Discover who you really are, build resilience and create the future you deserve.
Literally Rewire Your Mind
People just simply are not the same person they were before they learnt the Beyond Anxiety Method. Your mind is a computer, time to update your software with calm.
Blend of Approaches
The Beyond Anxiety method draws on many different methods including, psychology, mindfulness, NLP and coaching. It is the power of these many different elements combined that gets the results for you.
15 Years Experience
15 years of knowledge and experience, creating the Beyond Anxiety Method and helping 1000's of people to live a life of calm. Both within the NHS as a therapist and through Simply Clear Coaching.

Meet Your Coach

David Williams life coach

David Williams - Creator of The Beyond Anxiety Method

“I am David Williams your Coach and Change Agent.

With a background as a therapist in mental heath services, I have 15 years experience in emotional management and positive psychology, drawing on many different disciplines.

I carefully created Simply Clear Coaching’s Beyond Anxiety Method from all of this experience, to help you live a fulfilled life beyond anxiety.

I believe every one deserves the right to the life they want beyond fear.

I am dedicated to offering my skills and knowledge to the world, so that anyone can finally rewire their mind for resilience, happiness and success.”

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