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Fed up with anxiety ruling your life? Learn to beat it and create calm in your life today. 

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What you will learn in this 90 minute training...

Drop the fear about anxiety - understand what it really is

Anxiety can be scary, especially when you don't know what is happening to you. When you learn the facts about anxiety, what actually works and what doesn't, you will see anxiety in a different light, drop the fear and start to combat it.

Powerful 10 minute technique to create calm in your life

I will share this powerful and simple technique which only takes 10 minutes. You can instantly start using it to create calm in your life the moment you learn it.

Change negative thoughts instantly

With this instant technique you will learn how to change negative thoughts so they don't make you anxious. When you learn this technique, you will take back control and stop those thoughts in their tracks.

How to stay in the present moment

Anxiety makes us worry about the future. I will teach you how to easily apply mindfulness in your life so you can stay in the present moment wherever and whatever you are doing.

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A personal note from Your Calm Coach David Williams -

 I love sharing these skills and it is time for you to learn to live beyond anxiety just like so many others.  I will bring to this training over 15 years experience as a therapist in mental health services and as a private coach.  See you in the training!