Beyond Anxiety Method
Complete 7 step system to a life beyond anxiety.

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Do You Suffer From...

If you said yes to any of the above then there is a way for you to live beyond anxiety.

Did You Know...

One in four people are suffering from anxiety at any given time, it is one of the most common challenges people face today

Nobody teaches you how to deal with anxiety at school, we are just expected to get on with it
Anxiety is difficult, isolating and scary when you do not understand what is happening to you
It is not your fault! You have not been given the tools you need to deal with it and let it go

What You Will Learn With The Beyond Anxiety Method

The Beyond Anxiety Method is a transformative 7 step program which teaches you the steps to truly live a life beyond anxiety and rewires your mind for calm

- Rewire your mind through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) -
- Stop overwhelming thoughts and take control of that inner voice -
- Build confidence and self esteem by designing who you want to become beyond anxiety -
- Create your calm blueprint to access calm whenever you need to -
- Learn secrets to stay in the present moment instead of the future -
- Get the full user manual for the brain -

You have a choice to to remove Anxiety from your life with the Beyond Anxiety Method

Make the change to take you beyond!

These are some results experienced by the Beyond Anxiety Method members...

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What makes the Beyond Anxiety Method different?

It is not just teaching you information it is so much more!

It's Not Just About Anxiety
It is not just about getting rid of anxiety it is about what you want your life to be like beyond anxiety. Discover who you really are, build resilience and create the future you deserve.
Literally Rewire Your Mind
People just simply are not the same person they were before they learnt the Beyond Anxiety Method. Your mind is a computer, time to update your software with calm.
Blend of Approaches
The Beyond Anxiety method draws on many different methods including, psychology, mindfulness, NLP and coaching. It is the power of these many different elements combined that gets the results for you.
15 Years Experience
15 years of knowledge and experience, creating the Beyond Anxiety Method and helping 1000's of people to live a life of calm. Both within the NHS as a therapist and through Simply Clear Coaching.

So How Does it Work?

Watch my video to learn more

The beyond Anxiety Method is an online, flexible, 7 week program with lifetime access to content and support group.  

Upon signing up you will get your personal dashboard login.  Inside you get lifetime access to all of your content.

The Beyond Anxiety Method is pretty unique in the way that it works, consisting of three main elements…

1. Friendly, simple and clear videos

Each step of the Beyond Anxiety Method comes with a series of videos, putting you at ease and explaining clearly all that you need to know for that step.

This will include a great balance of teaching, demonstrating and powerful visualisations.

 Each video builds on the next so you have confidence every step of the way into a life beyond anxiety.

2. Powerful meditations to rewire your mind

Each step of the Beyond Anxiety Method comes with a unique, powerful mind-rewiring meditation to download.

Because you have completed your Beyond Anxiety manual, the meditation maps your personal ideas deep into your unconscious mind.


3. Beyond Anxiety manual

Throughout the program you will download and complete your worksheets.  

This is personal to you, your ideas, your dreams, what you feel and what’s important to you.

These will form your Beyond Anxiety Method Manual, which you will keep and refer to any time you need, whenever you need.

The program becomes tailored to You

You are as unique as your finger print, so you deserve a program that understands that uniqueness

What Support Do I Get?

With the Beyond Anxiety Method you get lifetime access to all content and support group. You get everything you need to feel supported in living beyond anxiety.

Facebook group & weekly Facebook lives

Lifetime access to a private Facebook closed group, only for those using the Beyond Anxiety Method.

Build a community and connect with those on the same journey.

Powerful weekly hour long Facebook Lives, basically therapy for life!

We are stronger together, so you can tap into resources and get advice, also supporting others.

E-mail support throughout

You will receive supportive E-mails to help keep you on track throughout the program.

Get reminders and notifications to move on to the next step of the Method.

We want your success and you can always E-mail the Beyond Anxiety Method team if you have any questions or queries

We are always happy to help!

Lifetime access to content

From the moment you enrol you will have access to the first week’s content.  
You will have life time access to all of the video’s, worksheets and MP3’s.

Knowing you can log on whenever you need to for a gentle reminder of what you have already learnt.

Also enjoy one hour week Facebook live for answers to all your questions, bonus learnings and meditations.

What others are Saying...

Nicky Gurm

Gill Bailey

Carol Baxter

Avis Howard

Meet Your Coach

David Williams life coach

David Williams - Creator of The Beyond Anxiety Method

Hi, I am David Williams your Coach and Change Agent.

With a background as a therapist in mental heath services, I have 15 years experience in emotional management and positive psychology, drawing on many different disciplines.

I carefully created Simply Clear Coaching’s Beyond Anxiety Method from all of this experience, to help you live a fulfilled life beyond anxiety.

I believe every one deserves the right to the life they want beyond fear.

I am dedicated to offering my skills and knowledge to the world, so that anyone can finally rewire their mind for resilience, happiness and success.”


Without knowing what anxiety is, means you will not be able to manage it.

You will learn exactly what anxiety is, because you cannot solve an equation without the numbers!

In this step, you will also be supported to imagine what life will be like for you beyond anxiety.


When we are anxious we spend a lot of time worrying about the future and thinking about the past, never really being present with loved ones. 

In this step, learn how to disengage from your busy mind, find your inner still and live in the now, not the future.

The present is a gift!


This step is perhaps one of the most important and least known secrets. 

Accepting is different from wanting or liking it!

It sounds counter intuitive, but you will learn to relate to your anxiety in a different way.  To make room for it and allow it to move on.


Learn about the cinema of your mind and how to take control of the inner movies and images you make.

Take control of that negative internal voice you use with yourself all day long. 

Understand how you create emotions and how to change them.

When you master these elements you can change them!


Ever wanted to feel calm on demand?  This is step four.

You will activate the neurology of calm and create a shortcut to this feeling.  

Access a quiet inner space, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Take control of your emotional state and stop being emotionally hijacked!

Calm awaits.

6 - WHO AM I?

Anxiety keeps us small and we can lose touch with who we really are.

Who are you beyond anxiety?

We will explore your core values and discover who you want to become.  This gives you a life compass to follow to ensure a fulfilled life.  

This program is not just about stopping anxiety – It is about creating a future you and deciding how to show up in life.


Now you have the skills to manage your emotional state, can access inner calm and know yourself better, you need an action plan for the new you!

There will be areas of your life which are not as you would like because anxiety was holding you back.

Now is the time to understand goal setting and create an action plan based on your values.  

Is The Beyond Anxiety Method Right for You?

I only want you to go through this change process if it is perfect for you.  

Have a look below, then you can decide it is right for you with confidence.

who this is Not for

who this IS for

I have confidence in what I teach and I have confidence in Your ability to change.

That is why I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee.  Nothing to lose apart from anxiety!

Within 30 days, if you have watched the videos, completed the worksheets, listened to your meditations and you still do not think it is for you, no problem. 

Some people will try and take advantage of this but I wanted to put your mind at rest 😊

This program is perfect for people that ask questions!

It is those that ask questions that get the best results. Here are questions people ask before they decide to join the program.

It is natural to need clarity to invest in yourself, because it means so much to you.  

Everyone who goes through the seven step process will make changes.

It is impossible to unlearn what you are going to learn and I only teach techniques that are tried and tested.  

It is a bit like learning the world is round instead of flat.  It’s then in your awareness and there is nothing you can do about it!   

People who have tried many other methods often join the Beyond Anxiety Method because they are fed up with messing around and really want big change now.

This experience literally rewires your mind during the program and is not just giving you information!

As I am sure you know by now, one ‘therapy’ does not do it all. 

Mindfulness does not have all the answers, neither does Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or CBT.

The Beyond Anxiety Method blends the best techniques to get the best results, so deep unconscious change happens.

YES, there is not a single person who signs up who does not feel some anxiety about it!  If you have some anxiety about joining us, this is why this program is perfect for you.

You would not need to sign up if you didn’t have anxiety about new things, right?   You are perfectly normal!  

If you would you rather go into new situations calmly and confidently, then join me and other motivated change makers who have said enough is enough!

Nothing to lose apart from the ball and chain of anxiety. 

Time pressures can be overwhelming, living busy lives with families, jobs, businesses and other commitments.

The program is released over 7 weeks and can be done it that time.  

But do not fear if you do not complete the videos for that week before the next is released.

This is a life long journey into you mastering your mind, growing and evolving.  These are life long skills you are about to learn.

You will have life time access to your course content and the closed Facebook group and lives for support. 

We aren’t going anywhere

Not creating time for ourselves actually results in more stress and anxiety, making the problem worse.  

When we live beyond anxiety, we actually have more time!  How will you spend that time?

Inaction can result in another 5 years flying past and finding yourself in exactly the same position!  

Not necessary, don’t be that person!

The answer is as much as you want.

The more time you put into your wellbeing the better the results you will experience, like anything.  

Once a week you will need to watch the videos for that week and complete your Beyond Anxiety guide (about 1 hour max)

Then just listen to the accompanying mind management meditations once a day before you move onto the next week.

This can be done any time, in the morning, on your lunch, before bed, even on the train!  

When you do this, it is a sign to your unconscious that you are committed to living a life beyond anxiety.  

Is your mental health worth 15 minutes minutes a day?  I really hope so otherwise this program is not for you!

You will be taught different skill sets throughout the program and each is a skill set to fine tune.  

If you want muscles you go to the gym, if you want wellbeing, you dedicate time to it. 

As well as you making great shifts during the program, you will have your manual to reflect on and go over the materials when you want.

The answer is no!  I bet you have heard that therapy is painful and takes a long time!  

This harps back to the days of Sigmund Freud, psychotherapy and his strange ideas about wanting to sleep with your parents!  Not cool!

This is a modern experience with the most up to date methods.  So from the first day you will have tools to implement in your life straight away.  

The tools I use with people take only minutes to get those powerful shifts and insights.  I witness these shifts daily.  It truly can feel like magic when powerful change happens.

In reality it is science in action (and 15 years of experience at play) .

You Can Get Instant Access Below

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Giving you the complete beyond anxiety tool kit.

1. Complete Beyond Anxiety Method program: Normally: £798
2. Bonus one - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) course Normally: £249 - Today it's £0

 EFT is a powerful tool that can be used for managing overwhelming emotions, including fear, guilt, anger, anxiety, hurt, sadness.  It is also used to get rid of phobias.

 Is it based on tapping acupressure points over the body.  It is simple to use and has great results.  It is also great for kids!  

I have even used EFT to rid people of their phobias!  It is powerful stuff and I want to give you this course for free when you take action because I am committed to your success.

In this video based course I will be talking you through what EFT is. You will learn how uncomfortable emotions gets stored in your body physically as well as mentally.

You will learn how to use it to release them from your system quickly and easily.

Between this and the Beyond Anxiety method you have everything you need to truly live a life of emotional freedom beyond anxiety.

3. Bonus two - Meditation Bundle: Normally: £49 - Today it's £0
A.) Deep sleep meditation
B.) Self compassion meditation
c.) Start your day right meditation
4. Life time access to your courses
5. Life time access to weekly private Facebook Lives and closed support group
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“I know that you have had enough of anxiety being such a dominating force in your life because you have arrived here.  Maybe this is the first time you have looked for help or maybe you have tried other ways before.

Whichever is the case, I am glad you are here, I know taking action can sometimes be scary, especially when you are feeling anxious.  

So if you would like to talk to me about the program, then simply drop me an E-mail below.

So come and join the simply clear family, from your Coach and Trainer”

David Williams 🙂

Still Not Sure? Maybe you have a Question Or Query?

I know sometimes we need that little extra reassurance, so please get in touch below if you have any questions about the Beyond Anxiety Method