Can Mindfulness Help Anxiety?

Here is how mindfulness can be managed with anxiety for more present moment living

David Williams life coach

By David Williams Calm Coach

Mindfulness is a powerful tool in helping anxiety and living in the present moment. Learn how to beat anxiety with mindfulness and to quieten the mind.

How can mindfulness help with anxiety management?

Mindfulness is the nemesis of anxiety, as kryptonite is to Superman. It is living in the present moment, savouring the now, accepting what you cannot change. Understanding that what will be, will be and knowing that you cannot read other’s minds or predict the future. You know those people that lead oddly serene lives? They are living mindfully, for sure.

Anxiety is thinking you CAN read minds and you CAN predict the future. It is worrying about what could happen and what might happen (but always predicting or mind-reading negative things of course!) Mindfulness and anxiety could not be more different.

Mindfulness is an age-old practice originating in the East, with many variations in many different cultures. When applied to your life, it trains your mind to focus. Over time you train your mind to unhook itself from your thoughts. This allows you to live in life now and to see thoughts for what they are. Thoughts are just brain farts – THOUGHTS ARE NOT FACTS! No matter how much they tell you they are 🙂

Have you ever tried mindfulness?  Whilst trying, got bored or frustrated?  Tried it and thought ‘this doesn’t work?’  All common things that people tell me on a regular basis until they finally understand what mindfulness is. Therefore I wanted to write this blog, so, lovely people, you can start to live a life beyond anxiety too. 

So how do you do it? I hear you cry. 

Well, it starts with the basics, just as everything else in life.  There are two forms of mindfulness practice that you need to know about to get started: 

Formal and informal practice

Formal practice is where you sit and give dedicated practice, ideally daily, where being mindful is your main objective.  Imagine the Buddhist Monk sitting on a mountain (you don’t need to sit on a mountain or be anywhere is particular). 

You can use any number of mindfulness techniques, one of which I will be sharing with you in a moment. 

Informal practice is your day-to-day life.  When you are brushing you teeth, walking, driving, talking, working, eating, everything in fact, you get the drift!  When you are in the shower are you listening to the sound of the water going down the plug hole or thinking about what you have to do that day? 

If you are brushing your teeth are you focused on the sensations of the bristles or worrying about what might happen?  It is formal practice that hones your skills then you apply them through informal practice in your day to day life – are you with me? 

OK, so what to do first?

Start a regular routine to practice your formal mindfulness (Register for your free masterclass below).  For some people this is in the morning before they get out of bed, for others it is in the evening and for others it is on their lunch break. 

Then start to bring your mind back to the present moment throughout your day, whatever it is you are doing through informal practice. 

Want to move on from a life of anxiety?

If you have found this interesting and want to finally learn what is needed to live beyond anxiety and introduce calm into your life, I have prepared an online masterclass which is free to join. 

I will be debunking some of the myths about anxiety and teaching you some powerful tools you can use straight away in your life. 

You can register by clicking below and start your journey beyond anxiety today.  I can’t wait to share what I have learned over the last 15 years, ridding myself and so many others of anxiety, both as a therapist in mental health services and as a coach.

Click here to register for your free beat anxiety masterclass.

See you in the training. 

Your Coach and Trainer
David Williams 


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