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How to stop morning anxiety & start your day with calm

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Sick of waking up with anxiety? 

Feel like you have barely opened your eyes and it starts? 

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What you will learn in this 90 minute workshop...

Why anxiety strikes first thing and what it really is

Understand what is happening in your system and why anxiety is so strong in the morning. Learn exactly what anxiety is and drop the fear around it.

Morning routine and tools to stop morning anxiety

I will be sharing tools and strategies to use to stop morning anxiety. These will set you up for calm day and start you off on the right foot.

7 Steps to living a life beyond anxiety

Learn the 7 things everyone needs to know and MUST put into practice if they are to truly and once and for all beat anxiety.

Learn why people stay anxious and it carries on

You will understand the patterns and habits your brain gets into which generate and maintains anxiety and ways in which you can rewire your mind and thinking patterns.

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A personal note from Your Calm Coach David Williams -

 I love sharing these skills and it is time for you to learn to live beyond anxiety just like so many others.  I will bring to this training over 15 years experience as a therapist in mental health services and as a private coach.  You are amazing, even of you have forgotten and you deserve a life of calm beyond anxiety.   See you there!